News / 11.05.20

New NASC Audit Committee Chair

Former regional chair takes up committee chair position

The NASC has appointed Wayne Connolly of Connolly Scaffolding Ltd as its new Audit Committee Chair.

Wayne, who has relinquished his role as NASC Northern and North Wales Region Chair to take up the Audit Committee position, replaces Mel Archer of Archway Services Ltd.

Speaking about his appointment, Wayne said: “I’m looking forward to taking on this position, having gained valuable experience working with the Northern and North Wales regional members, as well as the NASC Council, officers and directors.

“The role of chairperson for the NASC Audit committee is an imperative one, to maintain and uphold the integrity of the membership, to act impartially and actively encourage new membership whilst maintaining the high standards the Confederation has laid down.

“I want to actively encourage members to lobby for change where change is required and engage all of the membership in the Confederation’s quest for continual improvement.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed serving as regional chair and I look forward to supporting my successor in the future.”

Robin James, NASC Managing Director, added: “I am delighted Wayne has agreed to become the NASC Audit Committee’s new chair and am sure he will help deliver improvements that will benefit all and play a part in further raising safety standards.

“I’d like to thank Mel Archer for his years of excellent service, and for representing the Audit Committee at full Council meetings. His dedication and commitment to making the NASC audit process as stringent as it is has played a pivotal role in the NASC’s excellent standing in the wider construction industry, which rightly associates scaffolding quality and safety with NASC membership.”


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