News / 21.07.22

Three Co-opted member representatives joining NASC Council

Further to a recent vote by NASC Council members, nominations from small, medium, and large full member representatives on NASC Council will be put forward for formal ratification at the NASC AGM in London on 18 November 2022.

The successful nominee in the small full member category is Dan Wilson, who is MD of Mar Scaffolding (Scotland) Ltd. Since leaving school Dan has spent more than 13 years in the scaffolding industry, and brings a range of skills, qualifications, and industry experience to the table.

Having completed his scaffolding qualifications he trained as a QS. Dan is an active participant at NASC regional meetings and is also a member of ASITO. Dan is aiming to bring some fresh and innovative ideas to NASC Council meetings.

The medium full member category will be represented by Sarah Wilson from NASC supplier member Gilray Plant Ltd. Sarah is Vice Chair of the NASC Hire, Sales, and Manufacturing Committee, and has been a committee member for over 14 years.

She is currently spearheading a working group looking at debris net regulation. In 2019 Sarah wrote an article entitled Sustainability in Scaffolding for Scaffmag, and is now researching how scaffold sheeting and debris net might be recycled.

Kevin Fitzpatrick is a former NASC Regional Chair for Scotland and Northern Ireland, and will be returning to NASC Council as the large member category representative. Kevin is employed by Enigma Industrial Services Ltd.

With over 40 years industry experience behind him he brings a range of industry management skills which include running a large scaffolding business. Kevin is keen to promote the high standards which being a member of NASC requires. He will also continue to be instrumental in attracting representatives from the armed forces to join the scaffolding industry.

Robin James (NASC Managing Director) commented:

“During Covid, the election of Co-opted members from small, medium and large full member companies onto NASC Council got rather out of sync. The confederation has taken steps to address this, and we are pleased to report that Council will soon be joined by three high calibre individuals representing a diverse range of businesses within the membership.

“It’s important that members bring a range of views and backgrounds to discussions about industry issues at NASC Council meetings. I’m delighted to welcome Dan, Sarah, and Kevin to NASC Council, and look forward to their participation and involvement at Council meetings going forward.”