TG1:22 Temporary Edge Protection (PDF)

Comprehensive guidance on how to provide safe and compliant temporary edge protection for flat and sloping roofs with an angle of up to 10°.

TG1:22 provides guidance on the requirements for Class A type edge protection, constructed with tube and fittings, in compliance with BS EN 13374:2013+A1:2018, together with the basic elements of construction. This includes edge protection for flat and sloping roofs up to an angle of 10 degrees as well as for open floors. This document includes 15 No. generic design drawings, which may be used without the need for a bespoke design, provided that environmental conditions and roof/floor structures are suitable.

This guidance is available for pdf download only. Please note it is NOT an add-on to the TG20:21 ePortal and does not create compliance sheets. For a more detailed summary of TG1:22 please click here

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