Changes to NASC Regional Meetings Format

Following a fundamental review of NASC Regional Meeting Programme by senior management, it’s board and council, significant changes to improve the frequency and access to the meetings has been approved. The format of the meetings has remain unchanged for many years and required a fundamental review following feedback.

Since NASC’s inception there have always been two rounds of meetings each year for all five regions, one in the spring and then Autumn. These meetings only covered the same agendas, with limited ability to cover important subjects of the time, plus were expensive and resulted in a loss of production.

From June 2024, NASC will be:
1. holding monthly regional meetings on a rotation basis so all regions get two meetings per year.
2. Members are able to attend any meetings they wish in which ever region they like.
3. Meetings will be moved around a region to facilitate ease for all members.
4. Meetings will be published 12 months in advance.
5. Agendas and joining instructions will be on the NASC members website.

The new format will mean NASC can consistently be available to communicate with our members on a more frequent basis, at a variety of venues throughout the whole of the UK.

NASC will soon be circulating a list of dates for 2024 and 2025 meetings with the agendas for the meetings being circulated to all members two months in advance of meetings. Meeting attendance rules and applications still apply.