Construction Strike Averted: Workers Reach Agreement with 17% Pay Rise


A threatened strike at key UK energy sites has been averted following a two-year pay agreement reached between construction workers and their representatives. The deal, confirmed by the GMB Union on January 19th, 2024, offers a significant increase in wages and addresses concerns regarding working conditions.

Over 3,000 workers across facilities including Stanlow, Fawley, and Sellafield had previously voted for industrial action, citing the need for improved compensation in light of rising costs and stagnant wages. The new agreement offers immediate financial relief with an 11.3% pay increase in 2024, followed by an additional 5.5% in 2025. Additionally, the deal includes enhancements to sick pay and other allowances, bolstering the financial security of the workforce.

GMB National Officer, Charlotte Brumpton-Childs, welcomed the agreement, stating: “This deal represents a positive outcome for both workers and employers. It acknowledges the essential role these skilled individuals play in maintaining the nation’s energy infrastructure and addresses concerns regarding their compensation and working conditions.”

The agreement is expected to contribute to stability within the construction industry and ensure uninterrupted operations at vital energy sites. It also highlights the importance of open communication and collaborative negotiation in resolving labour disputes.

“While the potential for disruption has been removed, the underlying issues of worker compensation and industry challenges remain relevant,” Ms. Brumpton-Childs added. “This agreement provides a foundation for further dialogue and collaboration between unions, employers, and government stakeholders to ensure the UK construction industry thrives in the long term.”

The averted strike and subsequent agreement showcase the potential for constructive engagement in addressing concerns within the industry. While its long-term impact remains to be seen, the deal signals a positive step towards ensuring a stable and productive future for both workers and businesses in the UK construction sector.