NASC Conducts Training Survey

Have your say on the future of training within the scaffolding and access sector

Following several questions at all NASC regional meetings, growing private feedback from its members and social media questions, it’s clear that the training and education system for scaffolding and access is generating a lot of questions. As a result, a more structured review of the market and the needs of NASC members is required to aid partners including CISRS and the ITBs to develop the future training provision. As a result, in February a training and education questionnaire will be issued to all NASC members asking for their input. The questionnaire will not only assess the current training market capacity but also the future needs from the members including educational and academic needs.

The questionnaire will be simple, taking only a few minutes; you and your organisations input is critical so NASC can provide an overview of the current sector training needs and ensure that the supply chain can support not just the current but future demands. The questionnaire will also address in part apprentice processes and more structured future needs.  To ensure the process is as simple and not a major demand on members time we will be keeping the process relatively simple, however NASC may then formulate a more complex questionnaire if the members information demands more exploration.


We look forward to your input into this critical piece of research.