News 30/09/2023

NASC Director of Training to Visit PASMA in Dubai

NASC Director of Training to Visit PASMA in Dubai

The National Access and Scaffolding Confederation (NASC) is proud to announce that its Director of Training, David Mosley, will be visiting the Prefabricated Access Suppliers’ and Manufacturers’ Association (PASMA) in Dubai on November 15, 2023. David will be attending and speaking at the PASMA Middle East Conference, which is a half-day event for local contractors, regulators, clients and safety practitioners who are responsible for the safety of operatives who use mobile access towers to work at height.

David will be sharing his expertise and experience on scaffolding training and standards, as well as the benefits of being part of the NASC, which is the recognised trade body for the access and scaffolding industry in the UK. He will also be discussing the latest developments and updates on the Construction Industry Scaffolders Record Scheme (CISRS), which is the industry recognised scaffold training scheme for operatives working in the UK and overseas.

The PASMA Middle East Conference is an opportunity for scaffolding contractors and other stakeholders to learn how to select safe equipment and ensure their team has the training they need to stay safe. The event will also feature PASMA staff, members and expert speakers who will cover topics such as mobile access tower legislation, inspection, maintenance, rescue and innovation.

The NASC looks forward to collaborating with PASMA and supporting its efforts to promote safety and best practice in the use of mobile access towers in the Middle East. The NASC values its relationship with PASMA and hopes to strengthen its ties with the scaffolding industry in the region.

This visit will also benefit NASC members by spreading the NASC standards internationally and creating more awareness and demand for their services. The NASC believes that its high standards for safety, quality and professionalism are not only applicable but essential for scaffolding businesses around the world.

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