News 10/10/2023

NASC Improves its Open and Transparent Membership Application Process

NASC Improves its Open and Transparent Membership Application Process

NASC, the premier scaffolding and access industry body, that sets scaffolding and access standards. Has today announced its new application process allowing prospective members who meet the standards of membership to join within four weeks. Previously the process could take between four weeks and 12 weeks to complete.

In addition to improvements in the process, NASC has made commitments to digitise its membership applications in 2024. These improvements will allow publicly held information that supports the quality of a scaffolding contracting business to be used, helping new applicants and current members reduce the burden of paperwork, but maintaining the standards expected from all contracting members and their clients.

NASC CEO, Clive Dickin said: “NASC members are recognised for their quality and efficiency by their clients, this is driven from the transparent NASC membership standards and audit. To ensure NASC’s team has enhanced systems aiding contractors to join and demonstrate their strengths is critical. Where a contractor wishes to join, we will also now help and ensure that the expectations of quality are clearly understood and aid the prospective member to meet those standards their clients expect. There is no equivalent to a NASC audited membership in the scaffolding and access industry: all NASC contracting members must meet these standards, making NASC the only true complete standard for clients of access and scaffolding looking for acuity of the quality contracting businesses.”

NASC Membership Manager, Jamie McGuire adds: “I am proud to have aided the development of the new system, knowing that the process will aid scaffolding contracting businesses. Establishing our new Compliance Officers, with their new assistive approach to applicants, focusing on delivering a new member within weeks will help ensure the prospective member is recognised.”

“NASC’s Membership and Compliance committee is committed to systems improvements and we are looking forward to reviewing the Membership Charter, ensuring the standards defined lead to high quality scaffolding and access solutions for clients, reducing risk and waste.