News 10/06/2024

NASC Introduces an Innovative Career Portal to Address Skills Gap in UK Scaffolding Industry


National Access and Scaffolding Confederation (NASC) is proud to announce the launch of a groundbreaking talent solution aimed at addressing the pressing need for skilled young professionals in the vibrant scaffolding and access sector across the United Kingdom. This cutting-edge platform promises to be a game-changer for your professionals and employers alike, addressing the urgent demand for skilled talent in this rapidly growing industry.

As the demand for top tier scaffolding services soars, thousands of scaffolding contracting businesses are facing challenges in recruiting young talent to meet industry demands. Recognising this critical need, NASC has developed a comprehensive solution to connect ambitious candidates with reputable employers, facilitating a seamless recruitment process, and promoting the diverse opportunities within the sector.

NASC’s Talent Solution provides a user-friendly platform for candidates to register and connect with quality employers actively seeking skilled, enthusiastic quality individuals. Through strategic partnerships with leading job portals, targeted social media and digital advertising campaigns, NASC ensures maximum visibility and reach for both candidates and employers.

Henry Annafi, NASC’s Training and Careers Manager, expressed enthusiasm for the initiative, stating, “Our new Talent Solution represents a significant step forward in addressing the skills gap within the scaffolding and access sector. By providing a streamlined platform for talent acquisition and promotion, we aim to attract the brightest minds and nurture a new generation of skilled professionals.”

One of the key highlights of the NASC Talent Solution is the exclusive access granted to NASC members, who can benefit from a comprehensive Talent Pack comprising of display materials and interactive equipment. Designed to showcase the exciting and diverse opportunities within the scaffolding and access sector, the Talent Pack aims to inspire and educate aspiring candidates about the rewarding career prospects available.

It’s important to note that scaffolders and access operatives are highly trained professionals who often command salaries exceeding £50,000 per annum. With ample opportunities for career growth and advancement, the sector offers competitive remuneration packages and a supportive working environment, often seeing skilled individuals developing into management and engineering design roles.

NASC’s Talent Solution is poised to revolutionise the recruitment landscape within the scaffolding and access industry, bridging the gap between talent supply and industry demand while fostering a culture of excellence and innovation.

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