NASC Membership Charter - Clarity on PAYE

In November 2023 we announced our enhanced membership charter, reflecting the latest developments and best practices in the scaffolding industry.

The new Charter places increased emphasis on the quality of scaffolding being erected and less focussed on how members employ their operatives.

Whilst NASC remains a staunch advocate for direct employment, it is a forward-thinking organisation that recognises the growing need for a more diverse arrangement when it comes to employment. As such, the requirement for the workforce to be predominantly directly employed (PAYE) has been removed from our membership charter.  This allows members to take full control of how they employ their operatives.

The Charter places a renewed emphasis on employment and personnel standards, ensuring that all operatives, regardless of their employment method, receive the same level of support and treatment as those directly employed. This approach promotes flexibility and quality employment for both contractors and operatives.

Members are invited to view the recording of the Enhanced Membership Charter Webinar recorded in December 2023 to understand more on the changes.  This will also be discussed at the forthcoming regional meetings.