News 07/06/2024

NASC Prepares for Upcoming UK General Election

As the United Kingdom gears up for its next general election, the National Access and Scaffolding Confederation (NASC) remains steadfastly apolitical, committed to working with whichever party or coalition emerges victorious. NASC’s focus is on fostering collaboration and dialogue to address pressing economic and social challenges, ensuring the construction and scaffolding sector’s voice is heard at the highest levels of government.

One of the key issues NASC is keen to see addressed is the need for sustained public infrastructure investment. Robust investment in infrastructure is crucial for driving growth in the construction industry. This, in turn, supports the scaffolding and access sector by creating more projects and opportunities. NASC believes that continuous and strategic investment in infrastructure will not only stimulate economic growth but also enhance the UK’s global competitiveness.

Another significant challenge is the persistent skills shortage in the scaffolding and access sector. This shortage hampers the industry’s ability to meet demand and stifles growth potential. NASC is calling for policies that support comprehensive access to training programs and apprenticeships to build a skilled workforce and encourages the new government to address the lack of attention to vocational skills that lead to an excellent career in a sector like scaffolding and access. Addressing this skills gap is essential for the long-term sustainability and success of the sector.

Furthermore, NASC is advocating for policies that ensure a sustainable economy. This includes promoting practices and regulations that support environmental sustainability and long-term economic resilience. The Confederation believes that a sustainable economy will benefit all sectors, including construction, by fostering stability and long-term growth.

NASC’s Public Affairs Committee, chaired by Sarah Klieve, plays a pivotal role in these efforts. The committee is dedicated to ensuring that the views and needs of NASC members are communicated effectively to key decision-makers. This includes engagement with officials and legislators in Westminster, Holyrood, the Welsh Assembly, and Stormont. The committee’s work is vital in shaping policies that support the scaffolding and access industry.

This year, NASC held a highly successful engagement event in Westminster, providing a platform for its members to interact directly with policymakers. Such initiatives are critical for raising awareness about the industry’s challenges and opportunities. NASC plans to intensify its engagement efforts following the election, working to build strong relationships with the new government and ensuring that the scaffolding sector’s concerns are addressed.

In conclusion, as the UK heads towards the general election, NASC remains committed to its apolitical stance, focused on collaboration and advocacy. By addressing key issues such as infrastructure investment, skills shortages, and sustainability, NASC aims to support the growth and success of the scaffolding and access sector. The Public Affairs Committee, under the leadership of Sarah Klieve, will continue to ensure that the industry’s voice is heard, working tirelessly to influence policy and drive positive change in the years ahead. If you’re a member excited to sculpt the scaffolding and access eco system at a political level, please visit where you can apply to join a committee or please email