NASC is a proud supporter of #NoFallsWeek

Each year, hundreds of thousands of individuals engage in work at elevated levels across various industry domains. This type of work spans sectors such as construction, roofing, facilities management, and extends to numerous others where individuals, often unknowingly, operate at heights within settings like shops, offices, factories, and hospitals.

Regardless of the industry, they all face a common threat: the risk of falls that could result in fatal consequences or life-altering injuries, profoundly affecting not only the individuals involved but also their families, friends, and colleagues.

The mission of the No Falls Foundation is to prevent falls from heights and support individuals impacted by the significant life-altering effects of such accidents.

NASC proudly supports the #NoFallWeek initiative scheduled from May 13 to 17, 2024. We encourage industry participation by visiting where they can access supporting toolkits and resources to actively engage in the cause.