National Federation of Builders (NFB) Formally Endorses NASC Membership Standards

NASC is pleased to announce, that following a comprehensive review of NASC’s Membership Charter and Audit process, the NFB now endorses NASC membership standards. NASC members are regularly audited to ensure that the operations of the contracting scaffolding or access business, is not only sound, but the yard and site operations are of the highest standards expected.

Clive Dickin, CEO of NASC comments: “For almost 80 years NASC has published highly respected guidance and audits its members to that guidance, with proven results published in the annual safety report. It truly exciting that NFB has formally recognised this, and today now endorses these standards encouraging their members to prescribe the most recognised and tested standards for scaffolding and access.”

The National Federation of Builders is committed to improving standards across the construction industry and as such, is happy to offer NASC this endorsement. In an exchange of letters, the NFB has confirmed that it is ‘confident that NASC offers the highest standards in scaffolding and access across several areas, not least safety, and that using NASC contracting members is in the best interests of the builders, contractors, and house builders’ it represents.

Richard Beresford, Chief Executive of the NFB commented: “We are pleased to be supporting a trade body that adopts a clear, open, and transparent approach to its vigorous membership standards. We are committed to helping ensure that NFB members, and the industry at large, reduce the risks for all working on a construction site and following our review of NASC’s processes, procedures and gold-standard technical and safety guidance, we are confident that using a NASC member will do just that. Just as we ask clients to trust in the NFB Standard, so we are pleased to trust in the NASC standard.”

NFB and NASC will be working closely to promote good scaffolding and access procurement and use in the coming months, ensuring clients, principal contractors and their supply chain are fully appraised of the risk of working at height and how to mitigate this using quality suppliers.