News 4/12/2023

Seizing Opportunities: £400m Offsite Housing Deal Targets Scaffolding Contractors

Warrington-based Procurement for Housing has announced a £400 million offsite residential construction opportunity, offering a significant boost to the industry. Split into two lots—one for low-rise units like bungalows and the other for apartment blocks—the framework aims to promote modern methods of construction (MMC) in social housing. 

Procurement for Housing intends to appoint a provider for each £200 million lot, with the initial four-year period potentially doubling through extensions.  

The deadline for companies to express interest is January 5th, presenting a time-sensitive opportunity for contractors. 

This framework, supported by the National Housing Federation and the Chartered Institute of Housing, not only promises financial gains but also contributes to the industry’s shift toward innovative and efficient building practices. It provides flexibility for registered social landlords and public bodies associated with Procurement for Housing, allowing them to leverage the framework for contractor engagements. 

However, amidst this opportunity, the offsite construction sector faces challenges, as seen in recent setbacks. Despite these hurdles, the £400 million deal serves as a beacon for contractors, especially those specializing in scaffolding. 

In a rapidly evolving construction landscape, seizing this opportunity becomes crucial for growth and sustainability. Scaffolding contractors are encouraged to explore this framework, viewing it not only as a financial opportunity but also as a chance to contribute to advancing construction methodologies aligned with the industry’s future needs. The impending January deadline underscores the urgency for interested parties to position themselves strategically in this transformative venture.