News 10/06/2024

NASC presents its membership values to Sellafield’s Senior Leadership Team


NASC Business Development Manager Phil Goddard and NASC Technical Advisor Dennis Braithwaite recently presented the values of NASC membership to Sellafield’s Senior Leadership Team to promote the benefits of using NASC members on site.

Sellafield Ltd’s James McFadden, CS&A Responsible Engineer for Legacy Ponds, said: “Given the unique challenge we face in providing safe working access in one of the UK’s most hazardous working environments, it’s vital that we keep fully up-to-speed in all the latest available technologies and techniques. NASC’s presentation gave us some key insights into the legislation and wider considerations covering all aspects of Working at Height.

“As a result of this we will be able to access NASC’s TG20 ePortal for design purposes with greater confidence and tap into the NASC Technical team for clarity as and when required, as a benefit of our information membership.

Sellafield look forward to continuing our productive working relationship with NASC and helping to promote innovation and best practice across the industry.”

NASC’s Phil Goddard said: “Our goal is to not only have main or principal contractors onboard as information members, it is to build relationships with these companies as part of our #IthastobeNASC campaign. The sensitivities on client’s sites today, particularly nuclear sites, mean that safety of the highest level isn’t an option. It is fundamental. NASC members can assure clients of this, which is backed up by our annual safety reports. We are looking forward to presenting to more of our members clients, big and small”

If anybody would like to speak to Phil and Dennis and to arrange a presentation please contact