News / 03.06.21

TG20:21 Compliance Sheet Milestone

10,000 downloads in just seven weeks

More than 10,000 scaffolding compliance sheets were produced in the first seven weeks since the NASC’s new TG20:21 software was launched, new data has revealed.

Download statistics show users of the expanded and updated software have generated 10,109 compliance sheets since Monday 12 April – equating to between 200 and 300 every day.

Independent scaffolds were the most popular in this period, with 5,501 downloads (54.4% of the total), followed by free-standing tower scaffolds (1,230 or 12.2%) and external birdcage scaffolds (1,171 or 11.6%) – a new addition to TG20.

Robin James, NASC Managing Director, said: “We are delighted that users have taken to TG20:21 so quickly and are using the new software to produce hundreds of compliance sheets every day. It’s great to see there’s such a diverse spread of scaffold types being generated and that the new features are being utilised by TG20:21 users.”

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Downloads by type:

Chimney stack scaffold – 336

External birdcage scaffold – 1,171

Free-standing tower scaffold – 1,230

Independent scaffold – 5,501

Internal birdcage scaffold – 804

Lift shaft tower scaffold – 132

Mobile tower scaffold – 314

Putlog scaffold – 27

Tied tower scaffold – 624



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