News 10/10/2023

Updates on Building Safety Act

Updates on Building Safety Act

The government has published the Building Safety (Regulator’s Charges) Regulations 2023, which set out the fees that the Building Safety Regulator (BSR) can charge for its functions. The regulations explain how the fees will be calculated, and when they must be paid.

BRE has confirmed that all Kingspan products that were removed from ‘RedBookLive’ in June have now been restored with a ‘continuous certification chain’. BRE said it will keep supporting LPCB certification for these existing products to ‘provide clarity to customers and support business continuity’.

The deadline for registering existing High‐Rise Residential Buildings in England is approaching fast. Applications received by 5 September must submit their Key Building Information (KBI) by 30 September; for any applications received after 5 September, the KBI must be submitted within 28 days of the date of the application. The fee is £251 and payment can now be made by either invoice or credit card following feedback from industry.

Scaffolders should also prepare for the building safety update by ensuring they follow the best practices and standards for scaffolding. They should design, erect, alter and dismantle scaffolds only by competent people and under the direction of a competent supervisor. They should also inspect scaffolds regularly and use a visible tag system to show they are safe to use. They should also consider and control the risks to the public from their scaffolding work, as outlined by the law and guidance.