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NASC provides a diverse array of informational scaffolding related guidance notes. These encompass crucial insights into Health & Safety, Contractual, Technical, Product Purchasing, Asset Protection, and Sustainability & Environmental topics, ensuring comprehensive support for industry professionals.
  • SG4:22 Preventing Falls in Scaffolding Operations

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  • SG4:22 User Guide to Preventing Falls in Scaffolding

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  • SG6:22 Manual Handling User

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  • SG27:22 Guidance on temporary edge protection on open steelwork, roofs and slab edges (Class A and B Surfaces)

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  • SG6 Manual Handling Video

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  • SG38:23 Guidance on Mental Health Wellbeing

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  • SG1:14 Control of Substance Hazardous to Health in Scaffolding

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  • SG2:22 Asbestos Licences and Ancillary Work Involving the Scaffolding Contractor

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